Case Studies

Career Situation Case Studies (PDF)

Understanding and Embracing Difference between Career Development and Career Counselling

The case studies, telling the fictitious stories of Patrick and Jan, were drawn from a number of individuals.  The cases were designed to be used as stand-alone pieces or in a facilitated group discussion on examining the differences of career practitioners and career counsellors.  The PowerPoint presentation compliments the learning presented in these case studies.

We suggest the following process:

Distribute copies of the case studies to each participant. Instruct participants to read the case studies and then discuss each in small groups. We suggest 10-15 minutes for this piece. After the small groups, complete this exercise with a 10-15 minute large group discussion on what they would recommend and why.  Afterwards, encourage people to share the working paper with career practitioners and career counsellors.

If you wish, you can send us your comments or suggestions about your experience with the case studies.

 Career Counselling Case Studies  2016
  1. Read the Career Situation Case Studies.
  2. Discuss the following in your small group:

Do you think the following clients would be best served by a Career Development Practitioner or a Career Counsellor? Give statements about why you chose one over the other or could not decide.



©NS Working Group on Career Counselling 2016


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