Working Paper

The Nova Scotia Career Counselling Working Group came into existence in 2013 with the goal of clearly defining/articulating a professional identity for Career Counsellors in Nova Scotia and Canada. This examination of career counselling is built on an emerging professional identity for Career Development Practitioners in Canada since the creation of the Canadian Standards and Guidelines for Career Development Practitioners in 2004.  Is it possible to identify specifically what trained counsellors bring to the world of career development? How do the roles and skill sets of Career Development Practitioners and Career Counsellors overlap, and how do they differ? What is the importance of this clarity? Certainly both Career Counsellors and Career Development Practitioners can benefit from having the clearest possible understanding of the skill sets, competencies, and scope of practice of both professions.

The link for the Working Paper on Career Counselling & Career Development (.pdf) can be found here:

Working Paper on Career Development Practitioner and Career Counselling

NOTE: Comments and/or questions regarding the working paper can be submitted through the Comments section found at the bottom of this page.



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