Working Paper Presentation (PowerPoint)

On April 3, 2013, Nancy Blair, Brian Tapper, and Clarence DeSchiffart met with career counsellors to discuss a paper titled “Fostering a Deeper Awareness of Career Counselling in NS & Canada: An exploration of career counselling identity by career professionals with graduate training”.   A number of Career Counsellors expressed interest in continuing this discussion. A working group was formed to try to express further clarity regarding the issues mentioned above.

The Nova Scotia Career Counselling Working Group consisted of Nancy Blair, Clarence DeSchiffart, Mary Ann Fisher, Paula Mackay, Jenny Milligan, Brian Tapper, and Juliana Wiens. Teresa Francis joined the working group at a later point and Mary Ann and Paula left the committee but remained as consultants.

The mandate of this working group was to define and articulate a professional identity for Career Counsellors in Nova Scotia and to possibly contribute this paper to a Canada wide discussion.

In the spring of 2014, the group sent a draft of the working paper to a number of professionals in Canada for feedback and suggestions.  Their feedback was valuable and contributed significantly to the process of expanding and focusing the working paper.  In fall 2014, another draft of the document was sent to all those who had participated in the April 3rd 2013 meeting.  Response to the working document was extremely positive and the working group was encouraged to continue with this endeavor. The working group then revised and produced a final working document for distribution in February 2015.

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CPCG Working Paper Presentation

Enhancing Our Understanding of the Career Profession (worksheet)

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